Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Memories that last a lifetime.

As most everyone knows the midwest has been in the middle of a "snowapalooza." This resulted in my having to walk and get the mail.(it is quite a long drive BTW) This isn't such a bad thing considering I have been home for the past two days doing nothing but cooking and keeping the recliner warm.
On my way to the mailbox a truck passed by pulling a very large sled behind it. In an instant I was jolted back in time 30+ years to my childhood.
I grew up on a dairy farm. Growing up there were many chores that annoyed me, strict parents who I thought had never been children before and little brothers who I believed were put on this earth to annoy me. However now that I am grown and of course smarter I realize that I am probably a more well rounded adult because of the farm.
Now back to the memory jolt. When I was growing up my dad was the ultimate dad. He played harder than all of us kids. Thus when it came to sledding, we had the BEST SLED. It was a huge hand built wood sled that he pulled behind the tractor. When I say huge, I mean it was big enough that we would ride around the community (and I'm talking the country here...miles between houses not blocks) and pick up all the neighborhood kids. It was great! We did that every winter there was a snow deep enough for dad to get out the big sled. It was dangerous by today's standards, but come on...IT WAS "REAL" FUN! The get outside, no t.v. or hand held games kind of fun.
Who has fun like that today?
Well apparently someone has not forgotten how to have real fun as I watched them get pulled down the road. This time it wasn't a tractor, but a truck with a big sled and lots of kids whooping it up. I had not thought of that kind of sledding in a long time until today.
Then on my way back up the drive I thought of something else:
Snow Ice Cream!!!!
That's right, you heard me, Snow Ice Cream!!!
Let me say now if you are against imitation flavors and bad for you processed sugar, stop reading now. If you keep reading you will probably just have the urge to send me a note about how this is just a ridiculous idea. You would probably be right because this is nothing but milk, sugar and imitation flavoring. BUT It's just a once in a year kind of thing. And the world might be a kinder place if we all played through our inner child more often.
So if you're into stupid, crazy ideas...then come on lets go.
Your kids will enjoy it and they'll eventually come off their high! You'll be the talk of the block.
All you need is an enormous bowl. I used the large white one from Tupperware. I have no idea how big it is. Just that it's big. 

Fill it with CLEAN snow. ~Insert all yellow snow jokes here.~

The rest of these measurements are with that size bowl. If you're using a smaller one adjust your measurements accordingly.

Add 3 C milk, 2/3 C sugar, and 2 tsp flavoring of your choice. Because I was feeling frisky, I used coconut flavoring!

Stir until it all comes together. EAT FAST!
I hope all of you are making your own snow memories. Thanks for letting me share some of my memories.