Saturday, January 29, 2011

Camo is the new color!

Has anyone else noticed all of the camouflage out there these days? It's everywhere. On baby clothes, bedding, party favors. You name it, it probably comes in a camo color choice. With this recent awareness of the world around me I tried it out in a Valentine's Day cookie.

I really like, no I really love these cookies. After playing around with a few, I got another idea.

A bucket!
I picked a few of these up when they were deeply discounted, thinking I might have a purpose for it someday.
Guess What? Purpose Time

Now I present to you...

"The Bucket of Love" 

What man would not want a little "manly" love like this? I tell you any man would want a bucket of love for his V day present. Ladies, give your man some manly love this season and keep the last fashion trend in mind!

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